Buy And Hold RAE Tokens like a Pro (Saving Fees)

Guide updated January 20, 2021 to use Coinbase Pro to save fees. If you have a Coinbase account, the same Username and Password work for Coinbase Pro. You can also deposit any funds from Coinbase to your Coinbase Pro using the “Deposit” button and selecting

Follow the below 7 steps to buy and hold RAE Tokens using KyberSwap Coinbase Pro, and the Coinbase Wallet app.

With the below guide, you will buy RAE like a pro by doing it as efficiently as possible.

Let’s get started.

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1. (10 min) Download the Coinbase Pro app, or go to Coinbase Pro on your computer, and Get Started. Coinbase and Coinbase Pro use the same account, but you will pay significantly less fees using Coinbase Pro.

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1: Setup the Coinbase Pro app

2. (1-5 business days) Deposit US Dollars to Coinbase Pro. Funding your account via a Wire Transfer is the quickest way to buy RAE. Funds are typically available that same or next business day. Note: If you choose ACH (Bank Account), although it says “instant,” you won’t be able to purchase RAE for 4–5 business days.

2: Deposit Dollars

3. (1 min) In the Coinbase Pro app, Click the ETH — USD market. For order type, switch from Limit to Market to make it easier. Buy ETH with your USD.

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3. Buy ETH with USD in the Coinbase Pro app

4. (10 min) Download the Coinbase Wallet app and create a new wallet and back it up following the steps on-screen. Backing up is important, so take your time.

5. (1 min) Once setup, in the Coinbase Wallet app click Receive on the main screen, then click ETH. Copy your address to your clipboard.

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5: Setup and copy the address of your Coinbase Wallet app

6. (1–10 mins to arrive) In the Coinbase Pro app, click Withdraw, then click ETH, then click Crypto Address. Paste in the address of your Coinbase Wallet where it says “Enter wallet address here.” Type the amount of ETH you have in the Amount box. Click Withdraw ETH.

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6. Withdraw ETH from Coinbase Pro to your Coinbase Wallet address you copied

7. (Up to 20 mins to confirm the swap) In the Coinbase Wallet app — go to the browser (bottom middle tab — looks like 4 squares) — type in to the search box at the top

Select ETH in the top box, and RAE in the bottom enter the amount of ETH you want to exchange, and click Swap. The app will ask you to approve your token. This can take a short time or several minutes but does not need to be repeated each time. Then confirm your Swap. The timing again can vary. You will get notifications once your swap is complete.

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7. Swap ETH for RAE in the Coinbase Wallet app browser (4 squares at bottom of main screen)

Now you have RAE tokens in your wallet!

Found this guide helpful? Hit any snags? Please reach out right away to us on Twitter (RAEToken) or by email ( You are probably not the only one having the issue or a question and we are here to help.

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